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TCM Music Group specialises in the transfer of a Vinyl LP Record to CD or MP3AUDIO RESTORATION

Audio Restoration is a speciality of ours with years of experience restoring all kinds of music from just about every type of format. From Acetate and Vinyl records, to analogue tape, we can bring your recordings back to their original pristine brilliance. Our expertise and skill in this field led to a contract with Music Choice Europe to restore thousands of albums and master tapes obtained from the BBC Record Library [the biggest record library in the world] for use by Sky satellite radio.

Audio restoration is based around detailed evaluation and repair using just the right amount of processing to ensure that the original recorded work remains intact and free of unwanted artefacts. Processes such as the De-Clicking of vinyl records is done by hand, as Ted Carfrae explains:

“Many years ago when I was restoring the BBC Record library for Music Choice Europe, the technology was just not good enough at the time and I resorted to using my own creativity and techniques to restore vinyl and we achieved excellent results. Even today’s technology that is largely based around the heavy use of algorithms or presets to eliminate unwanted noise and clicks is still not good enough for me and therefore I still do most of my restoration work by hand. I believe that the result is far better and more transparent and our customers love the quality that we can achieve but it is well worth remembering that the result is also dependent on the condition of the original record.”

The restoration process also includes final mastering so we will deliver a brand new master quality recording. There are still thousands of LPs and Singles that are not available on CD, so let TCM Music bring your treasured record collection back to life. Special Deals are available upon request, for more information Contact Us.

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